“Gymtimidation”: Where to Start & How to Gain the Courage


The gym can be a terrifying place. You walk in and you’re immediately surrounded by huge, sweaty guys that could squish you with their fingers, confusing robot machines that you have no clue how to work, and the fear of being judged by everyone in the room. All of us have felt like this at some point, but you already overcame the HARDEST part. You got to the gym. This may be hard to believe, but nobody is there to judge you. Everyone is focused on their own workout and you should be too! At the end of the day, you are doing this FOR YOU. I made a little list to help you overcome that “gymtimidation”, so you can become that fit beauty or beast you’ve always wanted to be!

  • Plan your workout ahead of time

Planning your workout, not only saves you time and makes sure you get the most effective workout, it also gives you something to do the minute you step foot in the gym. Don’t even look at anyone, just walk in and start that workout because once your in the zone you are gold!

  • Create the perfect workout playlist

It is extremely hard for me to get in a good workout if I don’t have the best music to motivate me. Spend some time the night before heading to the gym to pick out your favorite songs! Then you can just plug in your headphones, and BAM, everyone around you disappears except Post Malone, G-Eazy, or any other artist encouraging you to hit that last rep. If you are short on time and need a quick playlist to hit the gym check out my Spotify!

  • Go with a friend

This is probably my favorite tip that I still use whenever I want to try a new exercise. Going with a friend who can encourage you and show you new things, or just be there to make you feel less awkward is the best! Don’t be afraid to look stupid, just go for it and have fun!

  • REMEMBER: you are doing this for you!

You are there for YOU and only YOU. Everyone in that gym has different goals, different body shapes, and have been working out for different periods of time. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and don’t let anyone intimidate you. Just do you and everything will be great!


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