How to: Balance your Life

Whoo, growing up is NOT an easy task. The days when it seems like I have my sh*t together are also the days where my mind is going a million miles a second, and I’m probably binging on Chik-fil-A & The Office as a temporary stress reliever the minute I step foot into my apartment. Being a full-time college student, managing work, a (slight?) social life, and things that are important to me like fitness, my faith, and my family are hardddd to do. So here’s some tips on how to kill it this year in every aspect of your life:


Get an agenda, make a schedule, actually make 12 and hang one above your desk, one on your fridge, one in your backpack, etc. Start by writing down everything you have specific times for like class & work. Then, create times to do the things you need to get done but don’t have designated time slots for (ex. giving yourself an hour or two to do homework every day at a certain time). It will make you feel more organized and in control of your life + checking things off a list makes you feel like a boss.

DON’T schedule weekend times:

Schedules & planners can be an amazing tool for success, but planning too much of your life can become an unhealthy obsession. Allow some spontaneity in your life when you actually do have free time! That way you can meet new people, experience different things, and feel like you have a little break from the hustle & bustle of the week. 

Make time for things that matter:

You want to love your life right? Every day of the week! Work, school, and obligations can drag us down and make us feel like we HAVE to do what we are doing instead of WANTING to do them. Make time every day for at least one thing you simply enjoy. If you like taking workout classes, pick 3 or more at the beginning of each week and commit to going. If you want to strengthen your faith, find a church and go once a week. If you just need some relaxation time after a hectic day, make sure your work is done by a certain time and take one hour of Netflix & chill with yourself a few times a week. 

Take care of your health:

Get at least 7 hours of sleep on week days & make sure you are eating enough and filling your body with all the nutrients it needs! Energy is important if ya wanna be a hustler.

Social life:

Okay, after every other obligation we have it seems like having a social life is always last on the list if we want to succeed and thrive at our careers. STOP thinking like that!! Interactions with other people is proven to increase happiness and motivation, so you can actually get more work done if you hangout with friends a few times a week. I try to surround myself with positive people I love at least on the weekends for a few hours. Also, make sure the people you surround yourself with want you to succeed, and maybe even work as hard as you. That way you won’t feel guilty if you don’t always have the time to spend with them because they understand! Your vibe attracts your tribe–can’t preach it enough!

Remember, if you aren’t doing something you love it’s never too late to change it. Life is too short to wake up unhappy everyday!

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